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Podoks Running

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Biomechanical socks with strategically placed elements: first toe padding and separation, forefoot padding, midfoot elastic compression band, heel padding

Coolmax fabric designed to absorb the sweating of the foot, composed of thread with antibacterial treatment.

– Wash with like colours
– Machine wash cold
– Do not bleach
– Tumble dry low
– Do not iron
– Do not dry clean

50% polyester – 35% polyamide – 15% elastane

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enhances performance,
reduces muscle fatigue and prevents injuries

Biomechanical socks for runners that improve running performance and lower energy expenditure. Its biomechanical design promotes greater momentum, more power and higher energy in each step, minimizing muscle fatigue.

PODOKS has been created by podiatrists to optimize the contact between the foot and the shoe, improving grip and balance in every step and providing additional protection against injuries.

The design and cushioning of PODOKS allow you to take advantage of technical and biomechanical benefits to optimize performance on every run.

Why does podoks work?

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the field of biomechanics and podiatric research.


Hallux wedge

Padding and separation of the first toe que provide a safer grip for a more efficient transfer of energy, greater stride, and better momentum.

Cushion for 2nd to 5th metatarsal

The forefoot padding of the second to fifth metatarsal shelps with tension in the fascia plantar and plantar muscles decreasing fatigue.

Compressive arch band

An elastic compression band on the inner arch increases dynamic stability for a safe and effective stride.


Heel cushion

A padded heel reduces the impact on each stride for better cushioning on the run.

Hallux wedge

Padding and separation of the first toe, which provides a more secure grip, and amore energetic and effective digital impulse. Greater stride
and better impulse.  

2nd to 5th metatarsal element

Padding in the forefoot from the second to fifth metatarsals controls tension in the plantar fascia and plantar muscles of the foot, thus reducing fatigue. 

Compression band on arch 

Extra elastic compression band on the inner arch increases the dynamic stability of the foot generating a safer and more effective tread. 

Heel pad

Padding on the heel that reduces
the impact in each stride, favoring better cushioning in the race. 

Science at your feet
technical advances in fabrics, components and structure of the socks.

In this video, Dr. Alfonso Martínez Nova and Fran Monzó tell us about the main technical advances in the design of the socks and why they help us to improve the feeling of comfort and wellbeing in our feet.

Higher boost / more energy

Higher performance

Greater performance on the road thanks to the strategic positioning of different textiles for better efficiency in the movement of the main joints.

Maximum power in stride

Maximum power in the stride due to the increased energy and impulse produced by the plantar fascia. 

Reduces muscle fatigue

Reduces muscle fatigue and soreness by lessening tension between the plantar fascia and all the foot muscles, optimizing its efficiency.

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Designed by podiatrists

Dr. Alfonso Martínez Nova and Dr. Fran Monzó lead a team with more than 30 years of experience in the field of biomechanics and podiatric research.

Their passion and love for the sport have prompted them to design a sock that combines science and expertise in the run.


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